Month: March 2019

4 characteristics of the best mattresses for sleeping

  • They must have the firmness (that no hardness) necessary for two things to happen: that you feel comfortable on the mattress and that you are able to maintain the natural position of the column throughout the night. At the time of buying a mattress, the support of the back and lumbar is fundamental. To be sure, always keep in mind the position in which you sleep.
  • The best mattresses to sleep and enjoy a quality rest every night are those that adapt to your movements. But do not lose sight of the position because, although it may not seem so, it is a key factor. If you do not move anything, you will have it easier when choosing. In addition, although it may not seem so, also the position is one of the keys in the choice of a new mattress. Mattresses are recommended for people who move a lot during the night. They do not create an excessive mold of the body so as not to feel certain “trapping” each time they change their position.
  • If you go to sleep as a couple, look for the best mattresses to sleep together. And is that sharing a mattress also influences the appropriate decision. So that the movements or the differences in weight are not a problem, each individual must have his bed to sleep. To continue with the practical examples, the mattresses of pocket springs are adapted to each person and keeps the central area of ​​the mattress completely ‘free’ and isolated from what happens at each end. This is how each member of the couple can sleep well according to their individual characteristics.
  • The width, as well as the length of the mattress, is as important. If you sleep accompanied, especially, make sure that the width is enough to not touch your elbows once both people are lying down and with their arms behind their heads. In addition, the best mattresses to sleep in a couple should have at least 10-15 centimeters extra compared to the height of the highest person who will sleep in the bed.

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How to know if a mattress is good for your back

A very simple test to find good mattresses for the back is to try them. Lie on your back and with your legs fully extended. If you notice that the mattress picks up your lower back naturally and does not arch over it, it is the key test to know which mattress to buy for back pain.

Soft mattress

A very soft mattress works too much on the body and the spine loses a correct alignment. The test to see if the mattress covers the lower back avoids choosing a mattress in which the pelvis and shoulders sink.

Hard mattress

If we choose a hard mattress and the user moves a lot when sleeping and suffers from back pain, he is more likely to wake up during changes in sleep positions. In addition to that, the support of the lumbar areas is not complete.

The support of the back or lumbar area is very important to avoid possible ailments. That is why it is an important factor to consider if you are going to buy best mattress for lower back pain side sleeper. When you suffer back pain after sleeping, one way to relieve it the next night is to sleep without a pillow, so that the body is properly aligned and does not suffer from changes in position. It is advice that we give you from Morfeo.

And remember: If your old mattress gives you back pain, you know how to choose a mattress and change to the new viscoelastic technology. Your back will thank you every night.

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“A man who does not feed on his dreams soon ages” [William Shakespeare]

We finish our post with these words. And we hope that they help you to reflect on the importance of fighting for your dreams in the right mattress.